We’re going FINE FREE!

The Clover Public Library will stop charging overdue fines to our patrons on November 1st!

Fines only make up 0.04% of our budget – a number that is dropping every year.

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We would like to make using the library a less stressful, more accessible experience for the entire community. Long ago, fines and charitable contributions allowed libraries to stay open, buy materials, and pay people to work in the library. Now libraries are a part of the tax structure for every house and business in the Clover Library District!

This community has built a beautiful library, and there should be as few barriers as possible to its use by everyone. We are not the only library to go fines-free, it is a nationwide trend that we have decided to adopt.

People are still responsible for the items they check out. If items are kept longer than 14 days past the due date, the user account is blocked from checking anymore items out until the overdue items are returned or a full replacement value is paid for the lost item.

We are very excited to be able to provide a fine-free experience for our patrons and make our library more accessible to the community.

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