2023 December

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Join us for a fun exercise group session! All ages are welcome and seniors are encouraged. Our exercise group follows fun, DVD instructional videos.

Join us for a fun, relaxing time to color and craft! All ages are welcome. 

D&D is fun, interactive table top game. Currently this club is closed to the public. 

If you are interesting in starting your own D&D group please let one of the staff members know, email or call us!

Join us for a nice chat!  Everyone welcome.

 Clover Book Club is a Young Adult Book Group that meets in the Library Community Room on the last Thursday of the Month at 9:30 a.m.

Checkout this club’s Book List under “Clover District Library.”

Meets privately the 2nd Tuesday of the Month; by invitation only.  Contact the Library for information: (309) 334-2680.

Check out this club’s Book List under “Clover District Library.”

Meets privately the 2nd Wednesday of the Month.  Contact the Library at 309-334-2680 for more information.

Check out this club’s Book List under “Clover District Library.”

Stop by in person and speak with one of our Staff Members or E-mail us at [email protected].

Let us know if you would like to start a book club or social club, the club’s tentative days and times, as well as what your club name will be!

Summer Reading at our Library is made possible by iRead Reading Programs. This reading program aims to connect children in our community throughout the Summer and promote reading year-round. The program usually lasts two months in the Summer and is filled with reading, fun activities and special events. Win prizes at the end of the summer by reading and participating during Summer Reading!

We are currently working on a single page where you can register for Summer Reading, see our complete list of scheduled events, find book logs and other important information regarding Summer Reading! Thank you for your patience! 

Let us know what kinds of programs you would like to see offered at the library by filling out our programming survey